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Train travel is probably my favourite type of travel of all and for so many reasons. Usually the train station is located right in the middle of town, way cheaper and easier to get to than an airport. There’s usually no pesky security lines, you can just jump right on the train. You’re able to […]


There are plenty of ways you can travel while still being employed. While many travelers will save up money to take a week or two during the year while keeping their static jobs, many people are opting for self employment to fund their traveling lifestyle. There’s absolutely no rule that states you have to have […]


It may be easy to assume that gambling online was always a simple matter of logging onto your computer and visiting a casino site, however this is not the case. While there’s little question that some entrepreneurial and tech-savvy folks were keen to get the whole online casino industry up and running as quickly as […]


As we get into a world economy that is open and dependent on the world community at large, there is no doubt that the movement of people from one country to another is increased at a brisk pace. Whether it is for new jobs, new career opportunities, new business avenues, or even for tourism and […]


Buying gifts for people who love to travel can be tricky. Short of buying them flights for their next adventure, it’s easy to quickly run out of ideas. The best gifts that people love the most tend to be ones that provoke memories of great trips, inspire thoughts of new adventures or recreate the sights […]


With Euro 2016 about to kick off, millions of fans from all over Europe will be descending on France to enjoy the tournament and support their country. While the host nation will be hoping to repeat their last tournament win in Euro 2000 in that iconic blue and red kit, many people will simply be […]


You’re probably pretty up-to-date with technology, and use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat regularly, while also visiting news and entertainment websites and using the internet for a wide range of different activities. But you may not have tried online gaming yet, which is a shame because this fun way to gamble without visiting a casino […]


Travel is incredible, and it allows us to experience new situations, meet interesting people, and learn about different cultures. And while it’s always a great time once we’ve arrived in a new place, actually getting there can be a stressful and time-consuming experience. Here are some ways you can make travel less stressful: Take less […]


When we go on vacation most of us ensure that we have a camera packed so we can capture memories of new locations and our presence in them. But for the serious traveler taking photographs is not just about capturing a moment. It is about capturing an image of some of the most beautiful sights […]


While juggling work, friends, and family commitments, it can be hard to find the time to stay active. I find that when I’m on holiday I walk far more than when I’m at home, and here are a few reasons why I love walking on holiday: You get to see more While many people think […]