6 Ways to Travel While Still Being Employed

By on December 6, 2018

There are plenty of ways you can travel while still being employed. While many travelers will save up money to take a week or two during the year while keeping their static jobs, many people are opting for self employment to fund their traveling lifestyle. There’s absolutely no rule that states you have to have a full-time job that keeps you stuck in one location.



Many companies are allowing their workers to telecommute from home. Often, those employees can be in another state or country. If you have a job you love, maybe you can work remotely or switch to being a self employed contractor. When working as a self employed individual, you will have to pay taxes on your self employment income when you file your taxes online, which you can figure out using the IRS Tax Calculator.

Remote Work

Between places like Upwork and PeoplePerHour, you can pick up remote assignments that will fulfill your work requirements. It helps if you have a skill that translates to a remote work capacity.

  • Writing
  • Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Graphic design
  • Coding
  • Engineering

Create Your Own Blog

If you’re able to write coherently, you could create a blog based on a passion. That passion might be traveling, but it could be anything that has the potential to make you money. You’ll need to have occasional access to the Internet to ensure that you keep the blog updated consistently. The consistency can vary depending on how often you want to update. It could be weekly or twice a week. As long as readers can count on updates.



When other people go on vacation, they want someone who can watch their home. Housesitting will give you a free place to stay while you’re traveling yourself. Often, there will be pets you have to watch too. You can work at this in conjunction with other modes of making money like writing or consulting. All you’ll have to worry about is paying your travel like airfare costs.

Sell Products

Whether you create handmade products of your own or find thrift items to sell online, you can do this while traveling. It might be hard to move from one place to another with your products, but you can sell a batch before moving to the new location. It’ll give you the money you need while giving you an outlet for your creativity.

Work Locally

Other countries like Australia, Canada, Singapore or New Zealand have working holiday visas for travelers. It allows people to visit and work for at least a year in the location. While there, you can work as a tour guide, teach English, work as a waiter or waitress or pick fruit. There are many places that will hire foreigners for their restaurants. You can find them advertised in local food magazines.

That’s 6 ways you can make money being self employed, so you can travel around the world as you like. There are plenty of other opportunities for working while on the road traveling too, Take some time to assess your skills or gain new ones that will give you a way to earn money, which translates into freedom.

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