Easy ways to save extra money for travel

By on June 3, 2015

If you want to fund your travel dreams then you’re going to have to sacrifice a little in the meantime, and that probably means paying a little less attention to your social life. I understand this can be hard, believe me, I’ve done it, but the outcome is more than worth a few nights in.

If you’re looking to head off on an adventure to some far-flung corner of the globe, then it’s always best to save up as much as possible in the meanwhile, to ensure you don’t fall foul of that coming home with your tail between your legs a little too early tale which happens to so many people.

If you’re looking at your finances and wondering how the hell you’re going to manage to save up enough to fund your dreams, well, help is at hand – it’s not as hard you think!


Have a clear out

You never know what treasure you could stashing in your wardrobe or cupboards until you have a good old clear out. There is a saying, something along the lines of ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure’, and this is certainly true. Clear out your belongings, anything you don’t need, use, or want, then get it sold. eBay is without a doubt the best place to head. Anything you make from selling your unwanted things needs to be saved.

Use a high interest savings account

Open an account which gives you a high level of interest and you are earning money without doing anything. The money you save should be put into this account and left to grow, without being touched under any circumstances.


Get a second job

If you work during the week, perhaps Monday to Friday, or something similar, then why not pick up some shifts in a bar, in a restaurant, or a shop during the weekends or evenings? You could make a tidy profit on tips if you work in a restaurant, and anything you save, again, goes into that savings account. Remember that you will probably pay a higher level of tax on a second job, but it’s better than nothing!


You could freelance whilst you’re travelling, to give you an income, or you could do some serious freelancing before you go, as a second job. Freelance writing, virtual assistant, proof-reading … the list goes on. Again, anything you make goes into that savings account.


Cut down on your social life

We touched on this before, but this is probably one of the biggest ways to save money. Look at what you spend needlessly during the week and set yourself a budget. If you eat out twice a week, cut it down to once, and put the money you save into your savings account. If you go out once a week clubbing, why not cut it down to every two weeks, and save some cash?

Look at your outgoings

Do you have any outgoings that you don’t need? For instance, do you pay too much for your mobile phone contract? Do you have a gym membership that is about to expire? Do you pay for newspapers to be delivered when you could simply read the news online? These are all things you could cut down on and move around, with the potential to make savings.

It’s not hard to save money if you look into ways to make it work.

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