How to Stick to your Travel Budget

By on September 3, 2015

 When we’re traveling the world, it can be hard to stick to a budget. It’s easy to continually think “Well, I’m only here once”, but this is how you blow through all of your money and end up going home early. There are a few things you can do to ensure that you have enough money for your whole trip, so take a look at these handy tips if you’re preparing to travel the world, or even if you’re already traveling:

Actually set a budget

This may seem crazy, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t actually have a budget. Do some research and figure out how much most people recommend that you spend each day in a country, and decide what you need in order to be comfortable. Some people don’t mind staying in hostels, but they love eating in expensive restaurants, while others like to stay in nice hotels but like to eat on the side of the road. Figure out what you can live with, and what you can’t live without.


Work while you travel

Occasionally you’re going to splurge while you’re traveling. And it’s important to realize that this is perfectly ok, and even to be expected. After all, traveling is about having fun as much as it is about seeing the sights. However if you want to keep traveling for longer, consider seeing if you can work while you’re traveling.

Many hostels and bars allow travellers to work for a few weeks and months, and while you won’t earn much, accommodation is often included and you can easily live off of your tips. This is a great option if you feel yourself getting burnt out, you fall in love with a place, or you meet some great friends who will be staying for a while.

Another option is to work freelance online. If you have any skills which you can do remotely, now is the time to brush off that CV and get working. If you’ve got experience writing, editing, designing, or software programming, you may find that you never need to go back to a real job, and can travel and live overseas indefinitely.

If you want to enjoy and at the same time work for your traveling needs find some activities that you can earn money while having fun. For example, any outdoor activity talents you want to share to some people like swimming and jet ski if you’re at the beach or even be a tour guide to some new traveler you’ll meet. You can earn income by your skills and sharing it at the same time, which is also enjoyable.


Indoor activities as well, like tutoring some of your skills in writing. Travelers like me can also play games especially when you have free time or need some break. You might also want to play some games online that you miss when you are traveling. There are a lot of alternative games online that will replace the physical games and not physically available while you are traveling. Like your favorite board games – chess, monopoly or dominoes. Also, casino games like – poker, blackjack, lotto or bingo that if you win offer great prizes. You might want to play William Hill’s Irish Lottery and it offer different variety of games depending on your preference – Irish Lotto 6 ball, 49’s 7 ball, NY Lotto 7 ball, etc. This is an excellent website which can give you a good way to keep your bank account padded while you make your way around the world.

Travel with a friend

Even if you plan to travel alone for most of your trip, there’s no question whether traveling with a friend makes it cheaper or not. Often you’ll find that your standard of living increases, since the price each of you would pay for a hostel can now go towards a hotel. Meals can be split as well, and you’ll have someone to talk to along the way.

Be Cash Smart

While it’s never a good idea to carry around large amounts of cash, the less you use ATMs the better. Check what your transaction fees are at international ATMs, and see if you can get a better account before you leave.

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