Reasons To Prefer When Selecting Drain Cleaning Specialist

By on October 23, 2018

Eventually, the drains in your house will get clogged. This is inevitable. You think that you’re catching every hair that falls in your shower, but in reality, a few manage to slip through where they clog the drain. The same is true in the kitchen, only kitchen scraps are the culprit there. No matter what, when those pipes get clogged, you have two choices – try to tackle the job yourself or hire a professional. Before you begin to Google the words drain cleaning in Salt Lake City, here’s what you need to know about the issue.


Sometimes, But Not Always Clogged Drains Can Be Cleared With Chemicals

Many small clogs can be cleared up with special chemicals and solutions that are poured down the drain. These chemicals dissolve the clog, making your drain run properly again. This is definitely something that you might be able to do yourself, but you do need to use caution. For example, if you try the chemical method and it doesn’t work, those chemicals remain in the pipe, making it tricky for a professional plumber to get in there and diagnose the problem. If you don’t warn the plumber about the method that you used, they could be injured when they open up that pipe. You are really better off doing a search for drain cleaning and finding an expert.

The Problem May Be More Complex Than You Thought

While a clogged drain is usually the problem, in some cases, you might actually be dealing with a broken pipe. Over time, the pipes under your house begin to separate slightly, as they move a little when the ground expands and contracts with the weather. The roots of any nearby trees can end up growing in between those separations in the pipes, causing a number of issues that range from blockages to cracked pipes. This isn’t something that you can fix or diagnose yourself. An expert must do it.

Professionals Have Access to More Tools

A professional plumber not only has many tools available to him, but he also knows how to properly use them. These tools range from things like plumbing snakes and augers to water jets. Even if you think that you have the ability to use a snake or auger, you need to be careful of attempting this on your own. It’s too easy to punch a hole through a pipe with an electric-powered snake. You might even clear out the center of the clog, which will allow water to run freely again – but this doesn’t really solve the problem since the clog will reappear again fairly quickly. Finally, the best way to clear these clogs is with a water jet system. This is something that’s really only available to professional plumbers who know how to use them correctly. The water jet uses an extreme amount of force to push a clog out into the central sewer system, where the pipes are bigger.

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