The most breathtaking photo locations around the globe

By on January 13, 2016

When we go on vacation most of us ensure that we have a camera packed so we can capture memories of new locations and our presence in them. But for the serious traveler taking photographs is not just about capturing a moment. It is about capturing an image of some of the most beautiful sights in the world.


Places to take memorable photos

And what does one do with all these stunning photographs? Well, you could simply keep them to yourself for your own personal satisfaction or you could share them with others, such as on your blog or photography website. You could even make a little money if you were to upload them to a stock photo library, such as that found here on So, let us take a look at some of the locations that have produced some of the world’s most iconic location photography.

If it is natural beauty you are interested in, then you could do worse than head for Australia and Uluru in the Northern Territory. Here you can photograph the huge sandstone rock, which is a sacred spot for Native Australians who believe that the spirits of the dead inhabit this beautiful location. Stand in the right place and you will be able to photograph a stunning variety of colors and hues, from the wide blue expanse of the Australian sky, the burnt orange of the rock itself, and the greens and golds of the ground.


If it is history you are interested in, then head for England and Wiltshire’s Salisbury Plain. Here you will find the monolithic structure Stonehenge, perhaps one of the most famous ancient landmarks in the world. No one truly knows why it was built, but there is no denying the power it exudes. Catch the time of day just right and you can take an incredible photograph of the huge stone monoliths set against the light and dark blue, or possibly even slate grey, sky, and offset by the lush green grass upon which it sits.

If you want to document the achievements Man has made on the landscape, then you could combine this with a little history by heading for Italy to visit the Roman Coliseum. This impressive ancient ruin is a true symbol of the power and ability of the Romans and offers wonderful photographs at any time of day. However, for a truly impressive visual record you may want to wait until night has fallen and the Coliseum is illuminated.

However, if you fancy something more modern with a well-deserved reputation for being photographed, then head to New York for the famous Times Square. You have probably seen many times one of the most famous photos ever taken in this iconic location, the WW2 couple kissing in a black and white print. People or crowd scenes will almost be an inevitable element in any photograph taken here, but they will provide the foreground to some impressive architecture at any time of day.

The world offers such truly breathtaking locations upon which you can practice your camera techniques and provide you with photographs that you, and others, can enjoy again and again.


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