Top 10 Mocktails To Drink in Florida

By on November 20, 2018

Giving up alcohol is not an easy task, and it should be commended. However, you may have given up alcohol, but you do not have to give up delicious beverages. A mocktail is a type of drink that is made up of soft drinks and fruit juices. There are a number of mocktails that you can try.

1. Virgin Daquiri

A Virgin Daquiri is a great drink for a hot summer day. It is made up of ice, sugar, lime and strawberries. It is easy for you to make a Virgin Daquiri. All you have to do is put all of the ingredients in a mixer or blender. It is best for you to use fresh ingredients. This drink is so good that you may not even realize that it is alcohol-free.

2. Virgin Mint Lemonade

Virgin Mint Lemonade is another drink that you can enjoy on a hot summer day. All you need is two cups of lemon juice, syrup and ice. You can refrigerate this drink or serve it on ice.

3. Atomic Cat

All you need is equal parts of tonic water and orange juice to make this drink. You can mix some crushed ice in with this drink. It is best for you to drink this beverage fresh.

4. Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary is an alternative to the Bloody Mary. You will need is a hint of lemon juice, four ounces of tomato juice and a half a teaspoon of Worchester sauce. You can also add a couple of drops of tabasco sauce.

5. Classic Shirley Temple 

Not only is this drink delicious but it is also healthy. You will need a teaspoon of orange crush, cup of lime and a cherry. You will need to serve this drink on ice. It is another drink that is great for cooling you down on a hot day.

6. Virgin Sangria

Virgin Sangria can be made with a variety of ingredients. You can add bananas, apples, lemon, mandarin and grape juice. You will need to mix the ingredients together and keep them refrigerated. This is a great drink to serve to your entire family.

7. Mojito

This is one of the most popular mocktails in the world. You will use the same ingredients that you use in a regular Mojito. You will need sugar syrup, 10 mint leaves and three ounces of lime juice. You will need to prepare the drink in club soda and crushed ice.

8. Non-alcoholic Fizz

The Non-Alcoholic Fizz is often used in place of the Madras Cocktail. You will need three ounces of club soda, cranberry juice and orange juice together. You will also need to mix club soda in with this mocktail. After that, your drink will be ready to serve.

9. Pomegranate Spritzer

Pomegranate Spritzer is a great drink for parties. You will need a couple of slices of ginger, pomegranate and lemon to make this drink. You will also need to mix some ice cubes in with the beverage. The final step in this process is to add the club soda. You can put a lemon on top of the drink in order to decorate it.

10. Belleni

Belleni is an alternative to the Venetian Cocktail. You will need to mix peach nectar with equal parts of apple cider vinegar. It is a great drink for every time of the year. You will be able to serve it chilled during the summer months.

Many people think that if they give up alcohol, then they will have to give up fun. However, that is far from the truth. You can also enjoy great mocktails. The aforementioned mocktails are delicious and can be enjoyed anytime.

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