Why you should try Online Gaming this year

By on April 19, 2016

You’re probably pretty up-to-date with technology, and use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat regularly, while also visiting news and entertainment websites and using the internet for a wide range of different activities.

But you may not have tried online gaming yet, which is a shame because this fun way to gamble without visiting a casino is both entertaining and potentially a way to make big bucks.

For those who like to play games and have the chance to win, but don’t love getting dressed up in your best, spending money on a taxi or Uber, dinner, drinks and everything else that goes along with actually going out to a casino, online gaming is for you. You can play from anywhere, including your bed, the couch, or even in the bath (don’t drop your phone!)


Since this type of gaming is so popular, especially with the younger generation, you may be surprised to learn that it wasn’t always this easy to play online. There are many countries that still haven’t legalised online gaming, while those that have continue to enjoy the massive profits associated with it.

Antigua and Barbuda were two of the first places where operators could apply for licenses, quickly followed by the United Kingdom and United States. As online gaming began to take off, people quickly realised that the software was going to need to have a huge update, as it was super slow and didn’t inspire much confidence in the industry.

It wasn’t just the software that needed to be updated, and one of the biggest concerns for players was the security of their credit cards and bank accounts. Cyptologic managed to develop encryption methods which meant that players could play their games online and still feel safe.


While the United Kingdom and Europe have long allowed online gaming to continue (taking advantage of the revenue earned, in the United States, players aren’t so lucky. While 37 states currently allow online gaming if the games require a moderate amount of “skill”, only New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada have legalised games that are “chance” based- which includes poker.

It’s estimated that gambling on mobile devices is expected to surpass $100 billion around the world by 2017. The gambling industry in the United States is aiming to get chance games legalised throughout the country, and while the lobbying efforts are continuing to gain momentum, betting and gambling websites have to go by the current laws which say that blackjack and poker are games of chance, as are slot machines, while chess is a game of skill.

Different states also have different tests which can very greatly. Some states say that any games which have a degree of luck are officially chance-based, while some other states allow a slight amount of luck.

In most other countries, the rules are clearer- online gaming is either legal or not, and this is slowly becoming expected in most countries, which is something we can expect to see more of in the years to come.

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