Five Tips On Marketing Your Home Contracting Business In Social Media

By on July 26, 2019

Do you know that there are 3.48 billion social media users across the globe? In which, 2.38 billion users are into Facebook- the largest and most popular social media platform. 

The numbers speak about the potential market that your home contracting business can reach. Social media is the best place to promote and engage different people. The company that takes advantage of social media has seen the return of investment to improve up by 119%.

The home contracting business is one of the industries that widely engage in social media. They bring people to feel the experience of the different interior and exterior design ideas. One of the exciting home development endeavors is bringing the flooring designs and installation services to social media. For example, the Dallas Flooring Warehouse is promoting their creative, innovative, and exciting flooring designs as well as services through social media. Customers get to know them and engage with their representative and gut feel of the store. 

However, many of the business owners that use social media platforms to promote their products are services are making significant mistakes. As a result, potential customers are only up to pressing the like button and does not engage in buying the product. Promoting home contracting services may be a challenge, but it is not impossible through social media.

Here are some tips that a business owner must consider when using social media to promote your home contracting business:



  • Choose the right social media platform that works

After all, it doesn’t mean that your business should be present in every single social media platform. Remember that every social media is developed for a reason. Each platform has its uses and benefits. Make sure you know your business purpose and see if the social media purpose fits with yours. 

For example, more visual products can work well with Instagram. For a home contracting business, you may post your work samples and completed projects through Instagram or Facebook. In contrast, your home project portfolio will likely not work with LinkedIn. It is because LinkedIn is a professional platform showcasing professional skills for other businesses satisfaction.

You must have a social media plan where it includes picking the right social media platform. Understand well the kind of services you provide and the target audience.


  • Your content must fit for your audience


Consequently, it applies to your marketing approach. Your target audience, which is your target customers get to engage unless you’re content is worth for interaction. 

For a home contracting business, your target customers are likely the homeowners. More likely, they are working fathers, mothers, and young professionals that wanted to build their beautiful homes. 


  • Maintain relevance and give your customers value

Every content that you will be posting must be relevant to your business. For example, if your business is home contracting, then content about landscaping is probably out of context. 

Moreover, your content need not only relevance but also consistency in your branding. If you get out of your editorial plan, your business will lose the integrity and impression towards quality. Your potential customers will likely unfollow your profile.



  • Be consistent in sharing your news 


Got a new design? An event? A significant story? Let your followers know about it. The stories will give life to your business. The customers will have a glimpse of the real faces and realities of your company. 

Thus, it establishes trust among followers and customers. 


  • Set the right approach and strategies of posting contents


Remember, not all social media platforms are using hashtags, and not all accept the lengthy word of content. 

For example, Facebook has its own rules on posting contents. If your rapidly posting curated contents, the algorithm may tag you as a spammer. 

Here are some techniques:

  • For Facebook, post at a maximum of four posts in a day.
  • For twitter- use one or two hashtags only per tweet
  • Instagram- nine to eleven hashtags per post may do 

More importantly, monitor the results of your business promotion. Use Social media tools. For example, Facebook has its analytics. Use the information for planning and decision making on promoting your home contracting business.

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