2016 Holiday Destinations for Over-65’s

By on April 7, 2016

There has never been a better time to travel abroad

It’s hard to argue than there has ever been a better time to travel abroad, than now, for the over 65s. A generation or two go, things were perhaps different. When I was younger, I don’t recall those of a pensionable age, jetting around the world, care free. I had two sets of grandparents. One pair would visit the coast of North Wales for a week, once a year. My other set of grandparents was a little more adventurous, and would visit the Spanish Costas. Usually with my parents, and were able to provide adequate baby-sitting facilities. I could never imagine my grandparents travelling on their own, to the exotic depths of the world!

An expanding and available world

The world is now a much smaller place. Budget air companies have opened up Europe, and beyond, for very reasonable rates. For less than £50, one could be in Dublin, or Kraków, or Berlin. I’m sure you wouldn’t get much change out of £50 for a return taxi to the bingo hall. But it’s not just the barrier breaking of cheap flights that has its appeal to the over 65s. There are more flights, going to more places, than ever before. The TV channels are inundated with travel programmes showing you the best places for sun, snow, history, food, sports and culture. The world has opened up. The world is forever changing. Russia, Eastern Europe, Asia were never really possible holiday destinations a generation ago.

From one generation to the next

My parents are both pensioners, and there’s barely a popular county or continent I can think of that they haven’t visited yet, be it for sunshine, cultural city breaks, or further afield. We all recently went on a long haul ‘dream holiday’ to celebrate a milestone birthday. When I travelled with my Nan and Granddad in the 1970s, to the south of Spain, I recall that they had a paddle in the sea. My children will recall their 70 year old Granddad parasailing and scuba diving in Mexico. How amazing is that? But it’s not about exotic locations and activities. Travelling home or abroad, there are so many wonderful attractions that are not age dependent! Walking through countryside, museums and art galleries and can all be enjoyed, usually for free.

Safety and security

Health care for people in this country is improving all the time and with current European legislations, it means UK travellers can expect the same level of care and comfort whilst travelling abroad. This offers peace of mind, especially with the additional security of having medical travel insurance. Attitudes and circumstances are constantly changing. By the time people are reaching the increasingly young age of 65, many are mortgage free, perhaps the children have left home, and with luck, no longer tied down by the shackles of work. Retirement is no longer about a chapter in life ending. It is about a new and exciting chapter starting.


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