3 Reasons to Have your Wedding in Santorini

By on July 27, 2017

Destination weddings are a growing trend not only in the western world but especially in the eastern world. A growing number of couples decide to plan a wedding that will take them and their guests in another location. This location can be closer or further to their home, related or not to their personal history, previously or never visited. Couples choose their destination for various reasons. But if they are dreaming of a romantic wedding in an unforgettable setting, then there is one place in the world to go: Santorini. This Greek island has it all: a unique scenery thanks to its volcanic history, incredible architecture, impressive history and vivid lifestyle. No wonder Santorini weddings are so popular with couples from all over the world!

Just search on the internet for images from Santorini weddings and you will immediately see why people go crazy about this island in the southern Aegean Sea. In my opinion there are three reasons that make Santorini the best wedding destination:

Magnificent scenery

Getting married with the caldera as the backdrop is just breathtaking. Especially if you have the wedding in the early evening. At that time the blue of the sea blends with the blue of the sky and everything goes from blue to orange to violet as the sun sets. There are simply no words to describe it. You have to see it to really understand the impact of this view. It is not only the moment, think of the pictures of the ceremony… pure magic! Any other time of the day, it is the blue and white that takes over and conquers it all!

Excellent service

Santorini is a top tourist destination and has the hospitality infrastructure to accommodate any kind of event. There is great selection of venues – from whitewashed chapels, to impressive villas, to gorgeous beaches. Because weddings there are becoming so popular, there is a solid network of professionals that will support the planning and implementation stages to perfection.

Your guests will love you!

A destination wedding can be exciting but also involves a lot of hassle not only for the couple but also for the guests. Suddenly attending a wedding of a loved one becomes a complicated and expensive business. So, at least the destination should make up for taking all the trouble. With Santorini, you will have no complaints… People will combine your wedding with taking a vacation in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

So, are you considering a destination wedding in Greece ? If yes, then Santorini is your one and only choice!

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