6 Awesome Ideas for Bucks Day in Brisbane

By on July 31, 2018

Brisbane is a must-see city for all travelers who think about travelling to Australia. It’s filled with plenty of things to do no matter whether you’re traveling solo or with a group of friends. There are plenty of fun activities that can help you get the party started, especially if you’re looking for ideas for bucks day in Brisbane.

A List of Bucks Day Ideas Brisbane

Some of the best bucks party ideas Brisbane has to offer begin in the daytime. Who says that a bucks party only happens at night? You and your buddies deserve a whole day and night of partying to send one of your own off of bachelorhood in style. Who knows when you’ll get to do it again? Consider some of the following ideas to make your bucks day a fun-filled adventure you’ll all love.


1. Bubble Soccer

If you and your buddies are like most guys, then you probably love to engage in contact sports. A safe way to do that so you don’t injure the groom before his big day is with bubble soccer. With bubble soccer, your entire torso and head will be encased in a protective bubble, so you can jump and bump into each other as much as you want. It’s football without the high risk of injury. What could be better?

2. Golfing with Bunnies

Golfing is fun, but it’s made even more fun with beer and a couple of golf bunnies. Wait, golf bunnies? You heard right. In Brisbane, not only can you engage in golfing while having a couple of cold ones, but you can have a couple of gorgeous golf bunnies play caddy for you while you play the game. That’ll definitely set the tone for the rest of your bucks day.


3. Go-Karts

Racing. Racing just might be better, you say. If you and your buddies love things that zoom fast, then consider going go-karting in Brisbane. There are plenty of places where you can race in Brisbane, and go-karts will give you that adrenaline rush you guys are looking for on your bucks day.

4. Paintball

If you and the other bucks in your party love shooting games, then a paintball game is perfect for you. You can divide into teams and strategize to take down the other bucks in a high-intensity game of paintball wherein you shoot each other with paintballs. It’s messy and fun, both of which you’d expect from a bucks day.


5. Party Boat

If you and your friends are more of the high-scale party type, then you might want to consider renting a party boat in Brisbane. Brisbane party boats offer you three hours of partying on the river. You can even get a party boat package that not only gives you time to party on the river but includes being served by topless waitresses and a strip show as well.

6. Strippers

Speaking of strip shows…No ending to a bucks day would be complete without a few strippers. In Brisbane, there are fun activities that will make the night the memorable one, but there are bucks day ideas and activities you can do in Brisbane that are just as fun and as exciting. Who says that you have to wait until nightfall to get down and dirty at a strip club. By engaging in some of the fun daytime activities in Brisbane, you can get a jump on the night life with topless waitresses and strippers on a boat or elsewhere.

Spending time together as a group is important to guys who’ve been friends through thick and thin. When one of your own is giving up his bachelorhood, it’s your duty as his friends to show him a good time. That good time doesn’t only have to consist of doing the cliche thing and going to a strip club the night before the wedding. Treat your best bud to an entire bucks day by taking him to Brisbane where there are tons of fun things to do.

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