6 things to consider when making an emergency call to home

By on March 22, 2017

While, naturally, you want to be confident that your holiday will go enjoyably and hitch-free, it’s worth considering how you should react if an emergency arises while you’re far away from home. Should a crisis hit and you decide that making a call to family or friends who are back home would be the best immediate course of action, here are several things to carefully consider before you call.

Consider calling the national emergency number first

It could be the case that the national emergency services might be more capable of helping you quickly than people you know who live many miles away. If you don’t know the appropriate number, you might be able to easily find out by asking local people.


Keep in mind the method for international dialling

If you are abroad and so would need to call to a completely separate country in order to make contact, you will need to use the international dialling method. This is outlined on the website HowToCallInternational.com. Basically, you would typically need to dial first the country code, then the city code and then the main number. Typing a ‘0’ after the country code would also be necessary in some countries, including Italy and Russia.

Consider calling through an app

Many popular communication apps, including Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, include functions for voice calling people in your contacts list. Using one of these apps on your smartphone would probably not incur any extra charge, as it would typically just use the data which you already monthly pay for. In fact, you might not even need to dip into that data…

Look for free Wi-Fi Internet hotspots

You could find notices indicating the availability of these at retail stores, cafes and other outlets near your location when the emergency strikes. Not all public Wi-Fi hotspots might be free to use. However, if you have already paid at an outlet offering one, you could find that this hotspot is not only conveniently close, but also free strictly to people who have already paid for an alternative good or service from that outlet.


See how you can reduce the expense of conventional international calling

If calling via an app for an online-based chat is not an option for you, you could still make a traditional international call, but find a way of doing so less expensively than would be typical. If, for example, you had holidayed to the UK, you could use the company Planet Numbers to call cheaply. The company enables calls to Pakistan, India, the United States, South Africa and many other countries.

Make sure you have a comfortable amount of money for calling

During an urgent call, you wouldn’t want to be explaining something vital only for the call to cut off because you have ran out of credit. Therefore, before you even start the call, check that you have sufficient financial reserves for not only starting the call but also continuing it for as long as you can imagine needing to… and maybe then some.

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