Auckland to Taupo: A Delightful Drive

By on March 21, 2016

To call Auckland, the largest and most populous city of New Zealand, beautiful would be an understatement. From breathtaking beaches to fascinating volcanoes, the city is home to diverse landscapes. Its lush greens and beautiful waters are sure to make the nature lover in you ecstatic. Auckland is proof of New Zealand’s ranging vistas for it provides everything, from hiking trails to holiday islands, at comfortable distances. The city boasts a year-round pleasant climate, a rich Polynesian culture and excellent food and wines. All of this makes Auckland a favourite holiday destination among travellers from across the world.


Auckland, like the rest of New Zealand, demands to be explored on your own. The ideal way to discover the wonders of the city is by driving your way through it. A Car Rental in Auckland is a fairly convenient affair and can be opted for from the airport, among other places. You can drive from Auckland to Taupo to see the best there is to the city and around it. The wonderful route promises to show you the most picturesque of places and meet the most interesting of people. It also has many holiday inns and resorts along the way for you to rest well after a day’s drive. Reasonably priced, they ensure that your getaway does not get too heavy on your pocket.

You can drive from Auckland to Matamata to Rotorua to Taupo. Matamata is a quaint little town near the city of Auckland, by the base of the Kaimai Ranges. It consists of breeding and grazing grounds for cattle and consists of many delightful cafes. The town has a distinct drama to its credit. It is a perfect place to take relief from the hustle bustle of the metropolitans. About three hours from Auckland lies Rotorua. The place is famous mainly for its geothermal attractions. Its landscape is dotted with a number of mini volcanoes. It offers endless opportunities for adventure and amusement. You can indulge in various water sports like rafting and fly-fishing in Rotorua’s Lakes. You can also go dirt biking on its mountain trails, explore the wilderness of its zoos and parks, or meet the fascinating Maori people.


Taupo is another hour’s drive from Rotorua, four hours from Auckland to be precise. The route looks over several pine plantation forests lined along the way offering spectacular views of the greens. The major attractions of Taupo include the Wairakei Geothermal Power Station, Huka Falls and Taupo Golf Course. Huka Falls stand as a perfect example of the beauty that nature is. Maori rock carvings at Mine Bay are also a must see when in the area. You can either take a boat to it or reach there by kayaking. The turquoise waters of the place stand out against the backdrop of grey rocks.


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