Check Your Home Wiring Before You Travel

By on August 14, 2019

Is your electrical system safe whenever you go out and leave the house?  Wherever you go, either when you go out for work or especially when you go on a holiday (regardless of how long or short, near or far your vacation will be), keeping your house electrically safe is a necessity. It is always best to check your home wiring before you travel so you can prevent unexpected property damage or loss. To ensure the safety of your home and your neighbor’s property as well, you can take these protective measures to save your properties and the lives of those living in your community.

1. All Appliances Should Be Disconnected From Power Sockets

One of the practical ways to keep your house electrically safe is to unplug even the smallest appliances that you have in your home before leaving the house. This is most important when you will be gone for quite a long time. Devices that are left plugged even while not in use still uses energy. Disconnecting them from the power source will not just help you save money from a higher electricity bill, it can also serve as prevention to all sorts of hazards in your home such as heightened fire danger due to short circuit.


2. Turn Your Main Breaker Off

It is best to turn off the main breaker in your house before you get out of your home. But in case there is a perishable item inside the refrigerator, it is best to leave the main breaker open to keep the refrigerator switched on and maintain its coolness.  You may also want to leave the main breaker on if you installed a security alarm system in your home. Without the power source, it will not allow the activation of the alarm when something happens. Just make it a habit to have your breakers checked because once Shunt Resistors are broken, it will affect the accuracy of  the breaker and will definitely be an electrical hazard.

3. Electrical Safety Devices Must Be Installed In Your Home

Keep your electrical system protected from any unforeseen happenings like the possible risk when lightning strikes. Electrical safety devices such as fuses which serve as protection to appliances from electric power surges and overheating which is one of the main causes of electrical fires. You can also opt for other devices like ground fault circuit interrupters, electric arc flash fault circuit breakers, or surge protectors. These devices allow you to enjoy your vacation without worrying about your house.

4. Examine Potential Hazards Outside The House

You may be sure that your home’s interior is safe but how about the areas outside your house? Are the branches of your trees touching the electrical wires or electrical wires that are susceptible to moisture? In cases like these, you may immediately seek help from skilled electricians or landscape architects to check the safety of your home.

Electricity has been an important part of our daily lives but being conscious of the safety of our homes whenever we leave can save us from worrying about any electrical accidents that may happen and savor the moments that we have in our vacation. Enjoy!

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