Driving in SFO: What You Need to Know

By on June 14, 2019

Driving in San Francisco or the city’s SFO airport can be demanding, especially if you’re new to the area. Being familiar with the rules of the road can help avoid headaches or a need to hire a traffic lawyer San Francisco-based and knowledgeable in California’s traffic laws. These are some things you should be aware of when driving through SFO Airport or the city.

SFO Airport Vehicle Rules

Now that the California Public Utilities Commission allows ride-sharing app users to hail cars at SFO airport, some drivers may be confused about the vehicle safety rules. There are marked areas at the airport where licensed taxi cabs can park their vehicles to await passengers. Drivers working with a ride- sharing app, however, are not allowed in these areas when picking up or dropping off their passengers. They must abide by SFO’s rules and stay within the staging areas that have been designated for ride- sharing app drivers.



When driving passengers to and from SFO airport, parking a vehicle or pulling over at a crosswalk is prohibited. Crosswalk areas are intended for pedestrians only: you must always give them the right-of- way. This rule also applies throughout the city streets of San Francisco. Pedestrian tourists flock through the city by the dozens, so it’s important to slow down when approaching crosswalks.

Right Turn Permitted at Red Lights

California law allows right-hand turns at red lights provided no pedestrians are in the crosswalk and there’s no oncoming traffic. If a particular intersection doesn’t allow turning right at a red light, it will be noted accordingly by a street sign. Drivers should be aware of the fact that many of the major intersections in San Francisco have automated cameras at traffic lights; the city has recently ramped up its efforts to catch drivers making illegal turns.

Disputing Citations

On the busy streets of San Francisco, even the most conscientious drivers can be issued citations for parking and simple traffic violations. Don’t take chances on incurring expensive fines or your vehicle insurance rates going up. If you’re disputing a citation, the right traffic ticket lawyer can help ensure that you win your case.

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