Essential pieces of clothing to pack for your next beach holiday

By on January 23, 2019

If you are planning a fabulous beach holiday to somewhere hot and sun kissed, then you will no doubt be very excited about it all. Whether you head off to beautiful Anguilla in the Caribbean, steamy Crete in Greece or the lovely Maldives, planning properly for the vacation is vital. While the basics like passport, tickets, money and any relevant VISA’s are a given, you should also pay close attention to the clothing you pack as well.

Why is this? – what you pack to wear is important. After all, you do not want to rock up for your relaxing beach trip only to find you have nothing suitable to wear!

Rock your next beach adventure like a boss

If you want some great tips on the essential pieces of clothing needed on your next sunny trip away, then the below advice should help.

Tommie Copper compression socks

This superb bit of kit can be found on the official Tommie Copper Facebook page if you need more details. In simple terms, they are a great idea to help keep you feeling good when travelling to and from your destination. When worn during a flight, these compression socks will minimize any swelling or discomfort some individuals experience in their feet. The copper blended fabric design also keeps bacteria at bay to keep your feet feeling refreshed when on the move.


Sunglasses and hat

If you are heading somewhere sunny to relax on a beach, then a good pair of sunglasses is a must. Not only will they help protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays they will also make you look cool. Packing a quality pair of shades to wear will also ensure you can relax fully on your lounger without the sun’s glare distracting you. A hat is also essential for keeping the sun’s rays from burning your scalp and for warding off heat stroke.


Another absolute essential for any beach holiday is swimwear. Naturally, this could be anything from a bikini to a swimsuit for girls, while boys may pack swim trunks or a more traditional Speedo type brief. Of course, the importance of this item of clothing for your trip is obvious. It will allow you to stay cool in the day when the heat is at the maximum, and you can take a refreshing dip in the sea whenever you fancy it. Just be sure to pack a few different ones so you can have one to wear while others dry in your room each day.


Once the preserve of women alone, the humble flip-flop has become just as important for men to pack when heading somewhere hot. Flip-flops are great because they do not take up much room in your case and are light. They also help to keep your feet feeling cool and comfortable when wearing them on the beach or around your hotel. Even better, they can work in the day and also the evenings with most types of other clothing. This flexibility is superb for trying to keep your luggage weight down and using what you have to your advantage.

Plenty of T-shirts and shorts

As well as your swimwear, you will mostly live in shorts and T-shirts when on holiday. As with flip-flops, the beauty here is that they will work at any time of your trip. A simple T-shirt will look great over your swimwear in the day while a change into smart shorts and a fancier top will have you ready for your evening meal. You will get through a lot though with it being hot so make sure you pack plenty!

Light set of pajamas

One problem some may have when on a beach holiday somewhere hot is sleeping. To avoid any problems, pack a light set of summer style cotton pajamas to wear. This will normally involve pajama shorts rather than long trousers and a lighter style pajama top. Wearing them at night will help you sleep much better as it will keep you cooler.

Remember to pack the essentials for your next trip

Heading off on a beach holiday does not require lots of packing but the above essentials are key to enjoying it. Not only will it give you the clothing you need to look and feel good in, it will also help keep you cool. Once this is in place, the only thing to worry about is which cocktail to choose!

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