Everything You Want to Know About the EHIC Card

By on September 21, 2016

What’s the EHIC card? It’s basically card available to participating countries of European, Switzerland and the UK that permits the holders to get discounted or free coverage in other participating countries. It’s a great system, because if your son is heading away on a school trip, or you’re planning to move overseas for a few months, so long as the country is a member too, it means that you get heavily reduced health care costs. If your trip is short, it can be a lot of hassle and expense to organise another form of health care coverage, so the EHIC card was designed to provide coverage while allowing the users to remain in the country instead of having to return home for medical care.


What Should I Know About the EHIC Card?

The main things you need to keep in mind regarding your EHIC card is that you need it to be on your person whenever you might need medical care in order to access the benefits associated with the card. If your card is left in your home country, lost, or expired, then you might be denied the reduced cost care. This could result in pretty considerable medical bills, or being denied coverage, so it’s a good idea to ensure your EHIC card is up to date, in a safe place and kept on you. Regularly check your EHIC card to ensure that it’s still valid so that if you ever need it, it will provide you with the coverage you are entitled to. One thing I personally do is add reminders into my calendar so that whenever I need it, it will be valid.

How to Apply for a New EHIC Card

Applying for a EHIC card has never been easier – you can actually even apply online. https://www.europeanhealthinsurancecard.org.uk/offers a great service where you can expect your card within a few weeks! There’s also phone support if you have any questions and want to know how your application is going. In addition, they will check through your application and ensure there’s no errors before submitting. If you go the traditional route for applying and there are any mistakes in your application, it can further delay your EHIC card coming, which can be a pain in the butt if you’re waiting one before you can go overseas! This is a great service for UK residents wanting to apply, but if you’re from another participating country, do check to see what similar services are available to you.

An EHIC card can save you serious money and provide you with priceless peace of mind. I think it’s essential to have one if you know you will be traveling or living in another country that participates in the wonderful health care scheme.

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