Green Canyon, A Hidden Paradise

By on July 5, 2016

If there’s a word to remember Indonesia, it would be: stunning. Lots of great places to visit. Lots of fun. Lots of wonderful memories and experiences. From so many places you can visit, let’s just not forget to visit a paradise hidden in the jungle deep inside West Java: Green Canyon.

Green Canyon: The Indonesian Version of Great Canyon

Green Canyon, also known as Cukang Taneuh, is one among few places where you can find the true face of the nature itself. It’s not just like visiting any forest or river. It’s something that ‘tastes’ unique, if we want to talk from the nature expedition perspective. The great thing is boat is the only way to explore this place. Experience the old ways of exploring the river, touching the water with your hands. See the sunlight trying to reach you while passing through the forest rooftops. If there’s a place where you can see the nature herself, in her true face, this is the place.

The greatness and the beauty is there. However, this is not a place where you can easily visit. There are lots of preparations that must have been done.

First thing is the route. For those travelling from Tasikmalaya, you can opt to take either the eastern or southern route. FYI, most people take the eastern one because it’s less crowded and safer than the southern one.

wisata alam-green canyon11

Time, is the second thing. The best time to visit Green Canyon is at weekdays in the morning. Why? First, because you won’t get stuck in the traffic at this time. Second, arriving at this place in the morning will allow you to enjoy the sunlight and the breeze. And one more thing. The dry season is the best time to visit this place. During rainy season, the water will flood this place. As the water gets mixed with the mud, there won’t be anything beautiful to see.

My personal advice? Prepare enough money. You won’t find any bank or ATM here. Also, if you’re planning to enjoy the water a bit more, remember to bring some extra clothes. For those who love to capture stunning images, don’t forget to bring your camera, along with its waterproof case, if yours isn’t a waterproof one. There are lots of stunning objects here. Just make sure you won’t miss any.

If you are a true explorer, a day won’t be enough at Green Canyon. But, if you want to stay here, make sure you’ve planned where to stay. If you don’t want to get back to the city, there are some lodgings here. Not as good as a hotel room, but enough just to rest your back.

Visiting this place will give you a tremendous experiment behind the beauty of this nature. A wonderful experience. Even if you chose to stay at the hotel and do your hobby, this place will make your days perfect. Some people even told they once only stayed in the hotel at the morning and played online bet at the best platform on the net. They first got stuck with the game, but just being there helped them to refresh their mind. The fresh wind breeze, the greenery scene, and morning sunlight boosted their mood to come with a new strategy. It’s more than enough for them to bring their luck back and won the game.


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