Guidelines on How to Score Great Accommodation Deals for Your Travel Vacation

By on May 23, 2018

How you travel and spend your money is entirely up to you. However, everyone needs to a place to rest and sleep. Your choice of accommodation will depend on the following factors:

  • Budget
  • Destination
  • Travel style and preference
  • Date of travel
  • Number of companions
  • Purpose of travel

In this article, we will give you tips that you can consider when booking accommodation for your trip.

Compare prices – it is very important to be practical especially when it comes to budget. It is important that you scout for some hotels first in the area you are visiting. Look at the prices for each hotel and see what fits your budget. Once you’ve chosen a hotel, you should check out different hotel booking sites and also the main website of the hotel to see the rates. Most of these booking sites offer different rates so best if you check out all possible sources.


Contact the hotel directly – using hotel booking sites is indeed convenient since you are presented with choices however, it is worthy to check out packages offered directly by the hotel. You should contact them to see available rates and discounts and then compare it to the rates offered in booking sites.

Check the facilities and inclusions of your booking – did you experience checking in into a hotel and thought that you’ll be having a great breakfast for free and then later on finds out that it’s not included in your booking so you need to pay extra? Well, make sure to check out all the inclusions in your booking – does it include free breakfast, free airport transfers or shuttle, does the hotel have swimming pool, bar and so on. You should know exactly what you’re paying for.

Choose booking with free cancellation – if you’re not sure with your travel then best that you choose a hotel booking with free cancellation. This is best if you’re travelling with large group of people who have hectic schedules and have the habit of bailing out last minute.

Check out promotions or deals – it is best to check out deals from group buying sites to get discounts or special promotions.

Stay mid-week – another tip to take in mind is to stay during middle of the week. There are many top rated Sydney hotels that can be really expensive but you’ll be surprised to see that rates are lower during mid-week and off-peak season. So it is advisable to schedule your vacation during these times.

Stay in apartments or suites to share the costs – if you’re travelling with big group then it might be practical to rent an apartment or suites and then share the costs instead of booking multiple hotel rooms.

Consider hostel when travelling alone – if you are travelling alone and your budget is a bit limited then it is best option to go for a hostel accommodation. There are many great hostels in different cities that have different themes at affordable rates. This is perfect for backpackers and solo travelers.

Following the tips that we discussed here will give you ideas how to score great accommodation for your vacation trip.

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