Have you Tried Online Gaming yet?

By on April 12, 2016

If you’re like most people these days, you’re probably pretty savvy when it comes to the internet. You’re probably well-versed in social media, and have a list of websites that you regularly visit in order to get your dose of news, entertainment and more.

If you haven’t yet tried online gaming, you’ve been missing out. These casino websites are set to take over the world, and after a bumpy start, continue to take the internet by storm and grow in popularity each year.

One of the reasons why online gaming is so popular, is that you don’t need to get all dressed up and spend money on drinks, a taxi and dinner at a casino. Since you can literally gamble from anywhere- including the comfort of your own living room or even your bed, you’ll find that it’s easy to pop online whenever the mood strikes you.


Many people are unaware that online gaming wasn’t always this easily accessible. In fact, many countries around the world are still struggling to legalise these games, while others have been enjoying online gaming for years.

Barbuda and Antigua were the first places where online gaming operators could receive licenses, followed by the UK and the USA.

Of course, back in the day, this software was terrible, and users quickly grew frustrated by its poor speed and how clunky it was. Microgaming stepped up and used the best technology at the time to develop better software, and (since security and hacking was a big risk), Cyptologic worked on developing the best encryption methods seen at the time, ensuring that players could trust the sites and know that their private information was remaining private while they were playing.


By 1996, money wagers were regularly happening, and it was soon obvious that an industry as popular as online gaming would need some form of regulation. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission was then formed in order to ensure that online gaming casinos were licensed and followed the rules set by the industry.

As you can probably imagine, online gaming took off, and by 1998 gamers could choose from around 700 different websites. The biggest contributor to the $2.2 billion industry was the United States, and by 2002 it seemed that there would be no stopping this industry from continuing to grow. However the USA passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. While the act didn’t outright ban online gaming, it sure made it hard for people to do it in the US, since banks and credit card companies could no longer legally process transactions that were made by online gaming websites.

The act had a huge impact on the industry, and was sad news for players in the United States as the biggest companies pulled out to find more welcoming shores abroad. They were welcomed by many companies in Europe, the UK, New Zealand and Australia, along with many other countries and the industry enjoys plenty of success today.

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