Hens on Tour – Why Abroad is Best for the Ultimate Hen Do

By on July 21, 2016

Your hen party is a fantastic time to celebrate the end of your single life and spend time with your nearest and dearest. Create memories that will last you a lifetime. So, why stay in your comfort zone? Here are some fantastic reasons why a hen party abroad is a wonderful choice.

Bond with Your Besties

Going abroad with your friends and family can help you get closer to each other and make important bonds. Your hens will get you through any nerves you my have before your wedding – treat them right and show your appreciation.

Everyone will thank you for taking them on the adventure of a lifetime. Try out some of the following foreign hen party ideas:

  • Group outfit ideas are lots of fun and can even help you find each other in busy airports before you travel
  • Get together to learn essential foreign phrases that you’ll need on your trip
  • Try out group games and challenges


New Experiences on Your Last Nights of Freedom

We know how the going abroad experience can help you bond with your other hens, but how about trying something that you’ve all never done before? Nights out and activities abroad will be far more special than going out in your old stomping ground back home.

Don’t let organisation and distance put you off; there are people like the Stag and Hen Experience there to take the pressure off and ensure you have the best time possible without the stress of organising your hen party yourself.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Group activities in a foreign country get everyone involved and can be a real laugh as well as eye opening. Try things you cant do back at home like visiting amazing cultural sites and get a tan on a world famous beach.

  • Shark cage diving, swimming with dolphins and seeing turtles aren’t things you can do here in the UK, but places like Greece and the USA have experiences like these in spades.
  • For less extreme examples, how about wine tasting on a vineyard, tours like the Guiness Storehouse in Dublin, or a sunny yoga retreat?
  • If you’re into nature and wildlife, try out a safari or a national park excursion or seek out activities like Western-style horseback riding or camel rides in places like the Canary Islands or even Egypt.

Who wants to do the same old things anyway? Pick a setting that will be memorable – why not go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go for your hen party? After all, it’s up to you to call the shots. British weather can dampen spirits, so if you’re all after a bit of sun and change of scene, abroad is the answer.


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