Hiring Trends In 2017

By on January 16, 2017

For 2017, it seems as though the talent war is officially on. ManpowerGroup recently conducted a Talent Shortage Survey, and they reported that 40% of employers struggled to fill job openings in 2016. They couldn’t find the talent they required, but we at Beacon Resources know there is talent out there. It’s just a matter of seeking out and connecting with skilled candidates, which is something we excel at. Beacon Resources has helped candidates find VP finance jobs in Chicago, accounting jobs in Los Angeles, and finance staffing positions all over the country. Going into 2017, here are some things we’re considering, and you should consider too as an employer or employee:

Go Where the Jobs Are

Finance and accounting jobs are some of the hardest jobs to fill, so experts in these fields should tailor their resume to highlight unique skillsets despite the industry the job is in. Companies with open finance and accounting positions can best fill these jobs by working with a specialty recruiter who focuses on finding finance and accounting professionals.


Applications, Applications, and Applications

If you’re looking for a job in accounting and finance, you need to realize that you may have to send out many applications to get a response back. Employers are reading all applications. They desperately need accounting and finance professionals. But, they are scouring hundreds, if not thousands, of applications that may not show any pertinent qualifications and instead simply waste time. Companies, therefore, value a well-written and focused resume and job application.

Also trending for 2017 will be more action taken by recruiters to weed out candidates with red flags on their resume, such as numerous career path switches, and applications for jobs across the country. If your resume might leave questions for a recruiter, address these issues upfront in a cover letter or conversation. Recruiters will be seeking the most qualified workers for 2017 to deliver to their clients who desperately need experienced professionals.



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