How to Make Your Trip to Mykonos an Enriching Experience

By on November 20, 2017

Mykonos is an interesting Greek island to visit. The island has something for every kind of traveller, so you will always return home with plenty of great memories and stories to tell. Mykonos started life as a bare island with not much on it, but it has since transformed itself into one of the prime destinations in Greece.

While the tourism industry on the island is growing rapidly and the island itself is vibrant, there are things you need to know if you want to have an enriching experience on your trip to Mykonos. We are going to discuss some of those things in this article.

Never Forget Your Sunscreen

Mykonos has great weather thanks to the soothing wind touching your skin gently no matter where you are. That said, relatively comfortable weather is no excuse for leaving your sunscreen in the villa. You want to use a sunscreen – lots of sunscreen – and drink a lot of water as you explore the gorgeous beaches and experience the towns on the island.

Bring Euros

Don’t rely on ATM machines on the island for some cash. Always make sure you bring a lot of Euros so that you can try different cuisines at the island’s best restaurants, explore water activities, and have fun at parties.

There are outlets that offer money exchange, but the exchange rate isn’t going to be the best. Unless you have to get more cash, it’s best to stay away from the money exchange outlets altogether.

Book a Villa

The best way to enjoy Mykonos is by staying in a villa. Finding Mykonos villa rental options is fairly easy thanks to sites such as BlueVillas, as they allow you to filter through the villas depending on price, guests, and other option. Often, it is even easy to find a pet-friendly villa on the island.

Villas are great for a number of reasons. For starters, you get more space and amenities to yourself. Most villas on the island have a full kitchen and a swimming pool for guests to use, so you can also have a relaxing day in between parties and holiday activities.

Rent a Vehicle

You can also rent a car, a motorbike, or an ATV on the island. The island of Mykonos is relatively small and getting around using a rental car or ATV is the best way to go. Taxis can be very expensive if you want to truly explore the island.

There are a lot of places to visit too. The towns are vibrant and exciting. You can find local markets and shops to explore. There is never a shortage of restaurants to try too.

Try Different Beaches

One of the things I find most interesting about Mykonos is its beaches. The beaches in Mykonos are not only beautiful, but also very unique. Paradise Beach is exciting for young travellers looking for adventurous activities to try. It is also the home of the island’s best parties. Super Paradise Beach is relatively quiet during the day, but it has a reputation of being a gay beach once the sun starts to set.

Other beaches are just as fascinating. Psarou Beach, for example, is where you go for luxury and high-end amenities. Parties here are different too, and the beach as a whole is more refined and calmer.

Be Friendly

Last but certainly not least, always try to be friendly as you enjoy the best Mykonos has to offer. The locals are very helpful and you will always find assistance as long as you have a friendly attitude.

It is easy to see why Mykonos is now one of the hottest places to visit. Many travellers have sampled the best of Mykonos over the years. You too can enjoy an enriching experience exploring this beautiful island.

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