How To Remove A Hacker From Your Phone

By on May 23, 2017

Our phones have become incredibly convenient, but also surprisingly hackable. There are a few signs to look out for that will tell you that your phone is hacked. For instance, if your phone has become increasingly independent and seems to be doing things all on its own, you may have a malware virus. In other cases, you may not notice much of a change at all. Here is what to do if your phone is hacked and how to help hackers out:

Download a Good Antivirus: If your phone is infiltrated by a hacker you can use antivirus to get rid of them. You should download an antivirus app for Android, or iPhone, depending on your phone model. In some cases, these apps can be obtained at little or no cost. For instance, you can download a free antivirus app for Android through Google Play, which has a good reputation for reliable, and safe, apps.


Look for Suspicious Apps: Some antivirus apps have been piggybacked on things that you actually want. If you see an app that you have never used and do not recall downloading, delete that app immediately. Any app that asks for access to personal information, should not be granted the privilege unless you absolutely trust that app.

Practice Good Information Safety: Avoid sharing information over unsecured networks. In fact, it is best practice to avoid surfing unsecured networks all together. But if you must go online, ensure that you are not logging into your email or any other apps on an unsecure connection. You should also ensure that your information is encrypted and that your passwords are updated and changed on a regular basis. This will make it more difficult for hackers to get what they want.

Having your phone hacked is a horrible experience. But, you can and should fight back against attackers and protect your phone from future invasion.

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