More than beautiful beaches as New Zealand booms

By on July 5, 2016

There are many reasons to visit New Zealand, the beautiful beaches, amazing weather and a host of attractions for guests that make it such a special place to visit. But apart from the tourist attractions there is another reason why the country is being recognised across the globe and that is down to the rise in the online entertainment business and ventures that are taking place. This of course is also beneficial to locals, who now live in the country that has one of the best economies in the world, without the issues that surround most of Europe.

As our world continues to embrace technology, there are many ways businesses are capitalising and reaching out to customers. One particularly popular online market is the gaming industry, and an example of a successful company is Lucky Nugget Casino, who are an online casino that provide you with the chance to play many games and all the classics, from roulette, to blackjack and poker. As well as that they offer a range of online slots, with a great approach to the paylines and you can find out more here. It shows how they have grasped the market, providing a product that appeals to people and benefitting from our increased usage in technology.


There are many other examples of products starting up online and succeeding in New Zealand and that is because they are recognising the way of the world. The highest profile example of successful start-ups in the country would be Xero, which was founded in 2006 and just seven years later became a $5bn company. They specialise in cloud-based accounting software and target small to medium businesses to help them as they strive to grow. Of course, they have now spread all over the world and have offices in Australia, USA and the UK and recently came second in a list of leading-edge start-up tech companies who are based in Australia and New Zealand. They are another example of how they used technology to provide a great service to people and have reaped the benefits of that since, and will continue to do so.

Overall, New Zealand is appealing for many reasons and not just because of those beautiful beaches in Auckland – you will also be visiting a country that is economically on the rise. There are great gaming options that can be utilised such as well as a range of companies who are working and developing their skills to reach out into the market. All of this combines to make New Zealand a country that is really on the up, with a strong economy and a plethora of fun activities to enjoy, why wouldn’t you want to visit?


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