Mykonos’ Thousand Faces

By on August 20, 2019

The island of winds is globally known nowadays and its fame is spreading further and further year after year. But why is that? Is just all about celebrities and their Instagram stories? Is this fuss made due to impeccable sandy beaches and magnificent beach bars? Or is there something else that attracts guests of every walk of life and economic or social status? To tell you the truth, nobody can really tell for sure what it. Even locals and store owners there have a pretty tough time when it comes to responding to such queries. Here, we are going to try to cast some light on various aspects of that startling piece of land right in the heart of the Aegean Sea.



No, they don’t have numerous “faces” as you may assume. Just one-that of kindness and welcoming attitude. However, depending on the season you’ll find yourself on that blessed land you may come across from thousands to only but a few of them. During late autumn and winter they can be spotted everywhere. Walking down the old port in the morning you can’t miss local fishermen. They would be returning after a long-night’s job. In the afternoon, after lunch and siesta, they’re back to their boats taking care of their nets and long lines.  Downtown you will definitely notice the taverns’ owners preparing lunch, supper and setting tables restlessly. Just around the corner, store and boutique owners will be preparing their show cases as tourists can’t wait for you. You are waiting for them. You should also watch craftsmen practicing their profession like molding or drawing. Approach as if you’re lucky enough apart from tips for home decoration they may offer you one of their newly-prepared creations to remember them. Don’t get mad unless you see them during summer or early autumn. It’s rather likely as most of them are really busy and they may be working in the tourist industry as maids, waiters or travel guides. Besides, who can tell the difference among those smiling packs of visitors?



Mykonos has long gone hand-in-hand with endless luxury and unpretentious elegance. It comes as no surprise then that the most imaginative and superfluous housings can indeed be constructed there. Mykonos villas by Clubzak are a great example of such buildings. Not only do they involve vast and spacious facilities, but they also can provide you with top of the top experiences and services: private chefs or DJs and car or yacht rentals can be arranged at the blink of an eye. You just have to ask the caring staff for them. Except for the high-status mansions, luxurious hotels can do the job. Yet, they cannot reach the supreme levels of privacy, luxury and coziness that Clubzak Mykonos villas can effortlessly grant. These villas are the ones if you pursue top-notch and celebrity-like feeling down your spine.



You may have heard that Mykonos is a boring island and that there is no nature to explore or no sites to admire. But make no mistake: Mykonos is not simply about picturesque alleys, stunning sunsets and shopping to death. It’s also about great hiking paths, traditional windmills and a variety of beaches. Furthermore, boat trips and nearby islands are a great chance to acquire a spherical view of the isle.

Most visitors only spend their time in the south of the island as the wind is calmer there. Due to this fact they omit the upper part which is equally beautiful to the southern one thanks to its intact naturalistic features. Old windmills are a great reason to vacate in Mykonos. They’re flashing white color is really representative of the Cycladic architectural style and entering these buildings you come up with traditional local sculpture. Some of them are like minimal museums; more than enough though to realize local taste and craftsmanship. Closing up, Delos and its famous statues of lions will steal your heart with its simplicity and great history.

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