Organo Gold: A Successful Coffee and Supplement Manufacturer

By on September 5, 2018

The world loves to drink coffee, and in the present, this lovable drink has many varieties. Bernardo Chua, a Filipino businessman, decided to innovate the drink that everyone loves and infused it with a lot of herbs, vitamins, and minerals to make it a healthy drink. He is the founder of Organo Gold, a company that specializes in the manufacturing of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and healthy supplements. He immigrated to the United States and became a successful businessman overseas. He is notable because of his determination and perseverance to succeed, and his dream to establish a successful business became a reality after his product became an instant hit.

Bernado Chua’s was inspired to create a tasty and healthy coffee, and he tried out different formulas to make his plan successful. He started to experiment with different flavors, tasting them to see if it will suit his taste buds. He also did a study and researched for herbs that can be added to his coffee to make it tastier and healthier. He discovered the herb called Ganoderma, which originated from China, and did further research about the herb. He found out about its benefits and decided to mix it into the coffee that he wanted to create. After tasting the product, he realized that Ganoderma is the herb that he is looking for. Ganoderma originated from China, and it was known by the locals since the ancient times as a wonder herb because of its ability to cure the people from their diseases and remove the toxins from their bodies.


After he found out the perfect formula for his product, he decided to establish Organo Gold and register his trademarks. The company initially specialized in coffee products, but he started to introduce new products that were also formulated by him. Some of the products added by Bernardo Chua were the health supplements, hot chocolate, and tea. As the chief executive officer of the company, it was his responsibility to check how the business is doing. He wanted to market it to a larger audience, and Bernardo Chua had the idea to market it with the help of the internet. He invited several individuals who would be reviewing his products and asked them to post their reviews online. The products created by Bernardo Chua soon began to gain the attention from the public as the reviews surfaced online. Many people started to contact him and ordered his coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and health supplements. As more people started to taste his products, more positive reviews came, and it was good for the company as it became popular to the public and it started to be known in the industry.

The excessive advertising through the use of word of mouth made Organo Gold a successful company. Bernardo Chua will be celebrating the company’s 10th year anniversary this year, and he said that more people are now aware of his product and the demand keeps on increasing. The company is now operating at a global scale, and Bernardo Chua is happy to announce that more countries are considering importing his company’s products. Currently, the company exports to around 40 countries. There are requests for him to open up a new market, but he is still considering these requests and balancing the effects before he put up the decision.

Bernardo Chua changed the way people look at coffee products, and because of the success of his company, he was awarded by some of the most prestigious business clubs in the United States. he was named as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in America because of the outstanding performance of his company.

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