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By on October 11, 2018

Planning a holiday? Whether you’re planning to hit Southeast Asia or Europe, Central America or the Middle East, planning is sometimes the best part! However, it can be stressful trying to find the best flights, hotels, and transfers while choosing an itinerary that will be fun for everyone on the trip. Luckily, we’ve got some tips to make the process easier:

Book early

There are a lot of myths floating around the internet about when you should book your flights. Airlines release their flights around 10 months before departure, and they release a number of different booking classes. These each have a different price point. The first flight booked will be from the cheapest booking class and so on until they’re all sold out.

The later you book, the more expensive your flight will be. If you know when you’ll be travelling months in advance, lock those flights in. You’ll be feeling smug when you see just how much they increase closer to the date you’re travelling.


Take insurance

Calamity will never happen to you…until it does. Every person who broke a leg, got dengue, had appendicitis, or was robbed thought that they would be fine. After all, bad things only happen to other people abroad…right?

Here’s the thing. No matter how well you look after yourself, disaster can strike at any time. This doesn’t mean you should be scared to travel- the same goes when you’re at home. But without travel insurance, you or your family could be faced with massive bills. In some hospitals around the world, you’ll be refused treatment until you pay upfront. Do yourself a favor and compare travel insurance while you’re booking your trip.

Pack light

It can be tempting to take everything but the kitchen sink when you’re travelling- particularly if you’re going on a long trip or travelling long-term. But this will make you miserable when you get stung for extra baggage fees at the airport or when you’re trying to get around with a massive bag on your back. Anything you need can be found overseas- including clothes, toiletries, medication, shoes, and more. Do yourself a favour and take half the stuff and double the cash you think you need.

Take it slow

It’s natural to want to see as much as you can while you’re travelling. But if you travel too fast, you’ll be worn out and tired, and won’t even enjoy Angkor Wat in Cambodia or the Great Wall in China. It’s much better to spend longer in each destination and have time to soak it all in, interacting with the locals and seeing more of daily life. Otherwise, you’ll find that your travels quickly become a blur and you begin looking forward to getting home.

Have you planned a trip recently? What are your top tips? Leave a comment below.

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