Surf Air And The Future Of Transportation

By on September 5, 2018

Many scoffed at the idea of ridesharing, and many of those people are upset today. Rideshare companies are now some of the biggest tech startups in the world and an early investment would have made some of those naysayers very wealthy. Ridesharing has completely revolutionized transportation for millennials. It has allowed an entire generation to unburden themselves with the costs of owning a car.

Cars are expensive. It is one of the worst investments of your life as the car begins to depreciate the second that you drive it off the lot. There are maintenance costs like oil changes, tire rotations and tuneups. Then there are the hidden costs. You need to pay for parking, emergency repairs and insurance. All of this can really add up.

Ridesharing allows the modern millennial to drop the costs of owning a car while getting places faster. A recent study shows that most rideshare’s last less than five miles and take place within urban areas. It’s clear that it’s easier to get around town and faster with a rideshare company rather than your own vehicle.


This is one of the many revolutions that are confounding certain news outlets. You’ll read plenty of articles about how millennials are killing this market or that market. But it’s plain to see that ridesharing is a much healthier alternative to owning a car. And car ownership isn’t the only market being affected by more efficient means of transportation.

Globalization has led to urbanization. More and more people are moving into cities which is increasing traffic. Many millennial’s are choosing the bicycle as a way of avoiding this traffic. It’s also a way of getting physical activity on a daily basis. A two-mile commute turns into four miles round-trip of exercise without the cost of gas or the burden of traffic.

This extends to scooters. There are two types of scooters out there. There are the Vespa-type vehicles that get 80+ miles per gallon and then there are the skateboard-type electronic movers with built-in handlebars. Either of these forms of transportation are more efficient than a typical car. In Los Angeles, for example, you are allowed to split lanes on your Vespa whenever you encounter traffic. And you’re rewarded for your eco-friendly form of transportation with abundant parking.

More companies are now offering scooter shares. This refers to those skateboard-type motorized vehicles. It seems that millennial’s are coming up with different mobility solutions as the world becomes more urbanized.

And these mobility solutions are not just relegated to the ground. Surf Air is the first airfare club in the world. You pay a monthly fee to become a member and can charter unlimited flights throughout the month. And the company flies too many different locations around the world. But it’s Surf Air’s mobility innovations that are sure to completely change air travel.

The company started in Los Angeles, California, at one of the busiest airports in the world. Surf Air managed to streamline its services through the use of a private terminal. Users of the service can skip right past the lines and the hectic crowds to board the plane right away.

Surf Air also flies to private airports in major metropolitan areas. This allows for a quick disembarkation process which saves at least two hours per trip on average. It seems the California-based company is moving in the direction of many rideshare and scooter companies by allowing lineal’s to own a piece of their transportation. Essentially, modern urban travelers have the convenience of a rideshare airplane through this incredibly innovative company that has just celebrated five years of existence.

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