Tips for finding great value accommodation

By on July 23, 2015

If you want to travel further and more often, then it’s important to save money here and there. You can’t do much about the cost of flight tickets, other than shopping around and being careful regarding the day and time you travel, however you can do quite a lot about the cost of your accommodation, wherever it is you’re staying.


Shop around and compare online

This goes without saying; you wouldn’t make a large purchase online without having a scout around and checking where you could get it cheapest first, so adapt the same way of thinking to your travel accommodation too. Price comparison sites are the place to go.

Book early

Sometimes, and this is not always, but sometimes you can get deals if you book your accommodation early. You will certainly save more if you book before you arrive, as opposed to rocking up on the day, when you are at the mercy of a kind hotelier to give you a room for whatever the amount.


But also book late

In total comparison to the previous step, booking late also has some perks. Now, I’m not suggesting you book too late, but even a day or two days before could mean you find cheaper rooms. This is because hotels would rather sell their empty rooms on for cheaper rates, than having them sitting empty. Head online again, and see what you can find.

Consider hostels

If you’re a regular backpacker then you will no doubt have stayed in a hostel before, and then you will know that they are not all like the image you will probably have in your head if you’ve never experienced one. Hostels nowadays are like budget hotels, and if you don’t want a dormitory-style room, then you can often have a private room if you’re willing to pay a little more. On the other hand, dormitory rooms are a great way to meet new people.


Share rooms

If you’re travelling as a group, then consider sharing rooms rather than opting for total privacy. This depends on how well you know the people you’re travelling with, of course, but as a base and somewhere to lay your head, if you pay per room, rather than per person, you can split the cost and save money.

Consider couch-surfing

Couch-surfing is becoming extremely popular, and it has many perks too. Staying with a host will give you a more authentic travel experience, you could meet a new friend for life, and it’s extremely cheap, and more often than not, totally free!

Haggle, haggle, haggle

Sometimes it’s unavoidable that you need to find somewhere to stay on the go, and you haven’t had time or opportunity to book ahead of time. In that case you need to find your haggling skills and brush them up. Negotiating a price could mean you find a better middle ground, and keep cash in your pocket as a result.

Money saved!

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