Tips for saving money as a backpacker

By on April 15, 2015

We all know that backpacking and travelling the world is the most extreme form of freedom – no one to please but yourself, amazing sights to see, and wonderful experiences, however nothing comes for free, and if you want to travel the world without having to come home early because you’ve run out of money, it’s important to find a few ways to save here and there.


Save up plenty beforehand

The key to a successful backpacking trip lies in the preparation, and in terms of money, you need to save up as much as possible beforehand. Open a high interest savings account and transfer a set amount to it every month when you get paid, anything you manage to save additionally, put it in the account and under no circumstances touch it!

Sell your junk

Another pre-travel preparation tip is to sell everything you don’t want or need – be ruthless! One person’s junk is certainly another person’s treasure and you could find you’re sat on a bit of a goldmine without realising it; if you’re not, then anything you make is better than nothing. Remember to put it in that high interest savings account and don’t touch it.


Consider working as you travel

There are plenty of jobs you can do as you travel, which won’t impact on your experiences that much at all. Freelance travel writing or blogging, interpreting, freelance photography, freelance virtual assistant, even bar work, these are all jobs you can do as you travel. Fancy teaching English? Want to do some fruit picking? These can all earn you money. Of course, check the laws regarding working overseas in the country you’re heading to first.

Make friends with the idea of a hostel

A hostel is a backpacker staple, however some people still avoid them because they have a false impression of them in their mind. Hostels these days are very much like budget hotels, and when you’re going to be out exploring for much of the time, a hostel is a great way to save money and have somewhere clean and safe to rest your head. You don’t have to stay in a dorm room if you don’t want to, however this is a great way to meet new people.


Budget, budget, budget!

Making sure you sort out a budget and stick to it whilst you’re away will make sure the money you have, or the money you have coming in, lasts you for the duration of your trip. Be realistic when setting up your budget, and stick to it under any circumstances; anything you have left over at the end of the week or month can be rolled over to the next one, or saved for something special.

Head away from the tourist streets

Living like a local, even in a place you’re not familiar with, will save you money and give you the most authentic travel experience too. Tourist streets within resorts have inflated prices, so instead head back a few streets and go where the locals go; you will find lower prices and a more ‘real’ travel experience.

Book your travel arrangements ahead of time if possible

This isn’t always possible, especially if you don’t have a particular plan, but if you can book your travel arrangements a little in advance then you could find you save money compared to on the day prices. In addition to this look into the feasibility of buying a RTW plane ticket, and weigh up the pros and cons of whether it works out cheaper for your particular personal circumstances.

Look at it this way – saving money helps you travel further.




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