Tips for traveling as a couple

By on July 31, 2015

They say that one of the biggest tests in a relationship is the first holiday you take together. If you don’t live together by this point, you might not be aware of habits and possible little irritations that your partner has, and when you’re thrown together into odd surrounds that you’re not used to, and possible heat, there can be the odd eruption if you’re not careful. Of course, if you’re travelling on a large expedition, a possible backpacking adventure, then the possibility of problems can be greater.

I don’t want to paint a bleak picture, because travelling as a couple can be a very beautiful experience. Luckily, there are some ways you can get around any potential pitfalls, provided you’re clued up on possible events ahead of time.


Talk about your plans first

You need to go places which suit the both of you. For instance, if we’re talking about a single destination, then you need to pick day trips and visits to places you both want to go, and then compromise and one day go somewhere you want to go, and then the next day go somewhere the other one wants to go. This stops resentment filtering in, and keeps both parties happy and entertained.


Have a little time apart

You might want to experience everything together but it’s important to have a little time apart too. This could simply be chilling by the pool whilst the other one goes and plays a round of golf, or one of you heading off shopping whilst the other has a lie-in for a few hours. However you choose to play it, make sure you get a little ‘me’ time, to stop over-kill from creeping in. Even the most loved up and committed couple needs a little space from time to time.

Be realistic – recognise that there will be ups and downs

Don’t get upset and consider your break a failure if you have a bit of a tiff. There are going to be arguments, and you need to recognise this. Back home, you’re going to have fall outs in the normal run of things, so don’t be heading towards disaster thinking if there is a bit of a bump in the road.


Tackle any problems head on

If you do have an argument, make sure you sort it out quickly. By all means, have a little time apart to cool down, and then talk it out and sort it out, before any major wound opens up, and you should be back on track the next day. Don’t let problems simmer into something much bigger.

If you keep a level head and sort things out on the go, your travels together as a couple should be uneventful, fun, and everything you want them to be.

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