Top tips for first time travellers

By on February 18, 2019

Going abroad for the first time can be a daunting experience while simultaneously super exciting! We’ve teamed up with Compare&Choose to bring you some top tips for those first-time travellers (and maybe even some good advice for those seasoned travellers)!


Be excited!

Travelling abroad is exciting, and you should be excited to cross the border of your home country into a new adventure! The more pumped you are for your trip, the more likely you’ll be open to putting yourself out of your comfort zone – that’s bound to bring some class adventures!

Do your research.

If you’re travelling somewhere, where Wester customs may not be appropriate – do your research. It’s useful to research the local culture you’ll be visiting so not to come across as an ignorant tourist. If you’re looking to have an authentic experience in the country you’re visiting, it’s best to have a friendly relationship with the locals – as they’ll know the coolest spots to visit or hang out.

This also applies to knowing what the appropriate dress code is in certain places.


Pack wisely!

The biggest mistake novice travellers make is overpacking. Seasoned travellers are guilty of this too, but this is especially prevalent with those that haven’t spent much time travelling. Of course, having your Instagram outfits is essential especially for your first trip abroad ever, but consider halfing your belongings.

If you’re backpacking the less stuff you have, the easier it will be on you – less stuff for you to log around on your back. Chances are you’re travelling somewhere where the culture is different from what you’re used to – why not do shopping there rather than bring all your old stuff with you?

Have your documents and vaccines in order.

Make sure you check, wherever you’re travelling what your visa requirements are! Give it plenty of time if you need to apply for a visa, sometimes the process can take a while.

Because you’re going somewhere new, ensuring all necessary vaccines are in check will save you lots of issues and potential problems in the future.


Consider the logistics.

If you’re looking to tick multiple places off your travel bucket list, figure out the logistics behind it. Are you going to be flying between the countries or taking other means of transportation such as trains or ferries? What about inbound travel? Are you looking to hire a campervan or hire a car? Make sure you pre-book and plan this out to save you having some money and also having to worry about it and frantically look for hiring companies.

Know your budget.

It’s easy in the excitement of being abroad to splurge on anything and EVERYTHING. However, it’s important to know your budget and be aware of your spending. Check prior to your trip the conversion rates of the local currency, so you know if what you’re buying is a good deal or a rip-off. Don’t be afraid to haggle in markets; there’s nothing wrong with trying to save a bit of money where possible.

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