Travelling the World? Packing Tips for Your Backpack

By on April 28, 2016

It goes without saying that packing space is going to be a little limited when you’re travelling the world. You’ll want larger and less unwieldy luggage than a standard plane cabin size wheelie bag – backpacks are the way forward and are staples of the world traveller.


Your Travel Bag – Your Loyal Companion

First things first: make sure your backpack is up to standard: robust fabric with waterproofing and padding to protect anything delicate is desirable, especially if you’re travelling by plane with your baggage in the hold. Backpacks are the best way to travel light with all of your stuff in one place, leaving your hands free to take travel snaps and grab on to life with both hands.


The clothing itself is a bit tricky to whittle down into a few items that’ll fit in your bag with everything else. It’s always a good idea to get travel wash so you can take fewer items and re-wear what you have. Bring solid staples like durable, yet stylish and comfy sportswear are a must. What to bring depends on where you’re going – do research about local customs and weather to help you decide. Dress weather and culture-appropriate.



Bring at least two pairs of shoes; trainers to walk in and protect your feet, and flip flops or sport sandals. Sandals are excellent for getting active in hot countries. They are lightweight, easy to fit in a bag and deal well with all terrain whilst making sure you’re not too hot. You can even get waterproof and quick drying ones.


A camera, a basic phone and all the necessary charging and storage accessories are an absolute must. Documenting your trip on film will help you remember your trip and preserve the magic for a lifetimes. It’s up to you whether you bring your smartphone with you, but it can make you a target in unfamiliar places the world over – use your common sense or bring a basic phone for emergencies. Often, internet cafes are available where signal is scarce, so if you need to get your Facebook fix, check out the amenities in your destination.

Final Advice:

If you want to travel with as little weighing you down as possible, leave a little space in your bag for souvenirs and anything you may buy on your travels. It’s all very well using a second suitcase for everything you want to bring home with you, but it can be costly and unwieldy. If you don’t mind a bit of extra baggage look into airline charges and legal requirements prior to your depart.


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