Unschooling and How to Engage Young Minds

By on December 13, 2017

In our high distraction world, it’s becoming more and more challenging to keep young children interested in learning in traditional classroom situations. As such, many parents and teachers are looking to the concept of unschooling, which is a completely different way of teaching children. Unschooling tends to be more ‘student-focused’ as in the student will pursue things that interest them and learn along the way. This is much more engaging than forced teaching in the old model where students are essentially forced to digest as much information on as many topics as possible. There are many areas where I personally feel unschooling excels and I wanted to share those areas with you:

1. Technology
There’s no doubt that technology is an important part of any child’s education, from somewhat basic skills such as using a computer and smartphone, through to much more complicated things such as learning a programming language. There are so many fun ways to use technology to teach children and one of the newest things that most kids are absolutely fascinated with drones. There are so many things you can teach them about drones, such as learning more about drone sensors, how to fly them, and even learning about the weather conditions in relation to drone safety. There are a few interesting stem activities for middle school that will help spark interest in many of your students. Use technology in a fun way to keep children interested while they’re learning.

2. Travel
There’s no better way to learn about the world to travel it. Obviously, there are some costs involved with travel, so if your budget is more modest why not travel to nearby cities and visit their museums? I personally believe traveling to as many places as possible is an excellent way to expose children to other people, different styles of living and for them to learn about history in the places it took place. You may even get the opportunity to learn something new with your child or students, which is fun for everyone.

3. Language
Exposing children to language is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. Whether it’s through travel, enroling them in a course, allowing them to only watch films in a foreign language, or having an au pair that speaks a foreign language, it is a wonderful way for your children to learn a new life skill.

However, you teach your children, be sure to focus some energy and attention on making it fun and engaging. Worry less about the results and help them to fall in love with learning, which will help carry them through their developmental years with a curious mind.

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