What to See and Do in New York: The New Yorkers Guide

By on April 21, 2016

There’s nothing more exciting than a holiday in New York and when most people visit the Big Apple, they will check out the Empire State Building, tour around the Statue of Liberty and go on a boat ride down the Hudson but New York is also home to many hidden gems that are also well worth checking out. While exploring the shops and catching a show on Broadway are must-do activities in New York, there are some secret places that should also be seen if you want to enjoy a really unique holiday in the famous city, so let’s check them out now.

Part of the Berlin Wall, Madison Ave

While now trip to New York is complete without taking a stroll around Central Park, you should also make time to go to visit part of the Berlin Wall that is on display in the lobby of 520 Madison Avenue. It offers an interesting insight into the famous and well documented history of the wall and this particular piece of the wall was purchased from the East German Government in 1990 and makes for fascinating tour off the beaten tourist track.

Irish Hunger Memorial

Found in North End Avenue and Vesey Street, this memorial is well worth visiting if only to escape the hustle and bustle of the city streets and relax in a rural Irish landscape for a few hours. It features an old stone cottage, potato fields, stone walls and beautiful wild flowers and the memorial stands in remembrance of the Great Irish Famine. Perhaps most interestingly, it was made from stones taken from every one of Ireland’s 32 counties and is a great place to unwind before heading back to the big smoke.


Morris-Jumel Mansion

New York is features as one of the places to visit on the new Ladbrokes online travel roulette wheel and it is easy to spend your time visiting the famous sites such as the Guggenheim Museum but there are other lesser-known about attractions such as the Morris-Jumel Mansion that is well worth visiting, especially if you are travelling with children who will tire of the bustling city. Found in Manhattan, the old building is fascinating to tour around and the gardens are glorious, especially in the spring time when the flowers begin to open in preparation for the arrival of the warm summer months.

The High Line

This modern urban park is actually an old elevated freight railway and what was once home to squirrels and pigeons, is now a beautiful natural space that offers an alternative park to explore away from the crowds found in Central Park. Located in Manhattan’s West Side, The High Line is great to visit at sunset and is ideal for romancing couples to enjoy a stroll through in the afternoon.

So, if you thought New York was all about Madison Square Gardens and Times Square, think again and head outside of the box to explore some of the above hidden gems found in this eclectic modern city.



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