Cheapest places for an overseas base

By on March 31, 2015

Backpackers and digital nomads the world over are constantly seeking for the cheapest base to put down temporary roots, and although this changes from year to year depending on economies, there are some places which year after year are cheap and perfect for a longer stay, as well as an exploration or two.

Thailand is a regular spot and an ever-popular one, with Chiang Mai full of ex-pats and backpackers.

Here are five of the cheapest places to head if you’re looking for an overseas base.


Chiang Mai, Thailand

After Bangkok, Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second city, and one of the most popular overseas bases out there. A very low cost of living, with a high standard, Chiang Mai has beautiful mountain scenery, and is also a great base for those seeking a handy launch point for the rest of South East Asia.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam is a real up and comer in the travel world, and basing yourself there is also a great idea, due to the very low cost of living. In easy reach of many other nearby destinations, as well as a popular start-off point for those heading off to the south of the country, Hanoi is packed with backpackers and travellers alike.


Kathmandu, Nepal

Stunning mountain scenery certainly doesn’t hurt, and Nepal’s culture and history is a great starting point for an overseas base. Obviously a great launching point for further afield in the area, but again, the low cost of living is what does it for most backpackers heading to Nepal, either for rest and relaxation, or to work in a digital way.

Goa, India

A taste of Indian beach life is what calls many to Goa, but a cheap daily life is also a major attraction. India alone is a melting pot of colours, traditions, and culture, and Goa’s more laid-back vibe calls out to many backpackers.


La Paz, Bolivia

Bolivia is relatively unspoilt and a bit of a hidden gem, however more backpackers are heading there these days, thanks to a cheap life on the cards. La Paz offers an authentic Bolivian way of life, compared with perks of home too – an attractive blend.

These five suggestions are great ideas for an overseas base, and all offer major opportunities to head further if the mood takes you. There is no denying that Thailand has been the biggest pull for many years, and will probably remain that way for a while, with Chiang Mai leading the way.

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