Heading to spring break? Which is the best destination for your friendship group?

By on April 2, 2019

If you’re anything like us, you can’t wait for spring break to begin! It’s the best time of year to let your hair down with friends before the stresses of finals kick in. Each popular destination has something different to offer — so which is the destination for you and your friends?

Read on to discover your ideal party place based on U.S. News’ top destinations.

The non-stop party girl

At every party, there’s one person who just can’t accept that it’s time to go home. She’s the one who’s still lining up shots for people as they try to walk out the door and tries to get everybody dancing even if they’re falling asleep. Of course, there’s only one destination for this party girl and it’s Cancun.

At this location, you can visit the famous Coco Bongo where the music doesn’t stop until the early hours. Then there’s The City, nine bars spread over three floors and host to more than five thousand people at times. This is where top international DJs have been known to perform, including the likes of Tiësto and Paul Van Dyk! What are you waiting for?

What to pack?

If your styling for a party, don’t forget your tank tops and shorts. Most of the clubs state that their dress code is casual or “club attire” so whatever you feel comfortable in is what only matters.


The one who goes home early

Opposite to the girl above, this one can’t wait until the party’s over. This friend is too laid-back for a night of partying, she’d rather sleep until the early afternoon and is always the furthest away from any drama. The location for this co-ed is Punta Cana.

This destination is less party-focused than the others, but you’re still guaranteed to have a good time. Instead, go all-inclusive and you’ll struggle to find a reason to even leave the resort! Fancy doing some light exercise? Head to Bávaro or Cap Cana for a spot of golfing.

What to pack?

If you forget one thing, just make sure it’s not a bikini. Grab a good book and beach towel and you’re good to go.

The fashionable one

We all have a friend who loves fancy dinners and dressing glam. She’s not afraid to overspend and probably has a make-up box worth more than her flight tickets to this destination! It’s no surprise that she’d fit right in at the idyllic Bahamas.

If she’s one for posting pics of her lavish lifestyle, there are many impressive spots such as the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve and Lucayan National Park.

What to pack?

Don’t forget to bring one of your extravagant party dresses, especially if you’re planning on going to one of the casinos. Don’t forget to bring a full purse because you’ll be spoilt for choice at the duty-free shops.

The workout queen 

Whilst the rest of us are working out last minute to get beach ready, this girl can relax. Whether she’s trying out the latest Kardashian fad diet or LA fitness craze, she loves nothing more than showing off her abs in a bikini. Girls like this should get their flights booked to Cabo San Lucas.

Positioned at the edge of Baja California, this location is home to endless golden sands and clear waters. While you’re here, discover the well-known rock formation The Arch of Cabo San Lucas or keep your fitness levels up with a hike up Mount Solmar.

What to pack?

If you’re up for an adventure, pack your hiking boots and snorkelling gear to make the most of a holiday at Cabo San Lucas.

The charitable one

This is one person who always loves to give back. From extra-curricular charity events to fundraising for local causes, her mind is always on making a difference. These thoughtful souls should head over to Puerto Rico for spring break.

Soak up the atmosphere with the live music, exciting nightlife and relaxing atmosphere — Puerto Rico has it all. You can also take the opportunity to get involved with the hurricane relief efforts and help out the locals.

What to pack?

There are plenty of opportunities to explore and get involved with the culture, so pack suitable footwear and comfortable T-shirts.

The foodie

Her social media is full of food pics and she’s always the first one to check out any new eateries in town. A holiday is incomplete if it doesn’t include amazing food, so Jamaica is the ultimate spot!

It’s no secret that the food in Jamaica is hard to beat. Combine this with the idyllic beaches and relaxed reggae vibes and you’ll have a spring break you won’t forget!

What to pack?

There’s an ideal balance of adventuring and chilling out to be done in Jamaica, but the main thing is that you’re comfortable so pack something that’s easy to walk around in.

Where will you go to celebrate spring break?

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