Three places in Central America you should go

By on July 7, 2015

When you picture the huge landmass that is America, you will no doubt first send your mind to Northern America, and whilst that’s perfectly natural, you would be missing out on some amazing scenery and experiences if you didn’t head into Central America. Often forgotten in favour of the northern and southern reaches of the area, Central America has some quite frankly stunning countries with jaw-dropping scenery.

If you are up for an exploration somewhere a little different, check out these three suggestions.



Small, cheap, and downright beautiful, Belize is a hidden gem which everyone should visit once. The stunning barrier reef is amazing, with a huge variety of marine-life to explore. Hol Chan Marine Reserve is perhaps the biggest and most popular spot, with the Ambergris Caye nearby. Shark Ray Alley gives you the best chance you’re likely to get to see sharks, as well as plenty of beaches for calm swimming too. Birdwatching is also pretty amazing in Belize.

If you prefer to stay on dry water, there are many Mayan archaeological sites to explore too, with Altun Ha perhaps the most popular, just north of Belize City. This spot dates back to the 7th century and holds more than enough to see for anyone into history and culture.



Mayan culture is still alive and kicking in Guatemala, and Antigua is an amazing spot to visit for architecture and history. Tikal National Park is the largest excavated Mayan park in the country, and is certainly like something from another world.

Again, nature is at the top of the list, with volcanoes showing the true might of nature. Lake Atitlan is surrounded by three huge volcanoes, and the sunsets here are simply amazing too. Nearby Panajachel is a fun spot, with a more modern night-life feel, however still surrounded by a totally authentic vibe. Chichicastenango Market is a must visit too.


El Salvador

This is one which often gets missed, but that is a huge mistake. El Salvador has natural beauty in abundance, with beaches from another world almost. The Montecristo Cloud Forest should not be missed, with wildlife and flora and fauna in huge amounts, as well as a walk around the Cerro Verde volcano crater.

On top of this, Los Planes de Renderos offers some of the best views of San Salvador, and you can truly get down with authentic life here, trying some food and talking to friendly locals.

Don’t miss these three Central American picks.

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