Eventually, the drains in your house will get clogged. This is inevitable. You think that you’re catching every hair that falls in your shower, but in reality, a few manage to slip through where they clog the drain. The same is true in the kitchen, only kitchen scraps are the culprit there. No matter what, […]


If you’re anything like me, you’re always searching for an excuse to go on holiday. Sometimes it can be fun and exciting to book a last minute holiday, spontaneously deciding to go away a few days before you head off on a road trip or a flight. Life can get really tiring with the daily […]


Wine and curry? It might sound unlikely. After all, it’s beer and curry for millions of us. Every week. So why wine? Sure, beer is an obvious choice with a curry. But once you’ve worked out the subtle differences between a Cobra and a Singha beer, you’re done. With wine, there’s much more to explore. […]


Canada is a great choice for a vacation, whether you’re travelling solo, as part of a couple, or as a family. With a total area of nearly four million square miles, it’s the world’s second-largest country, which means that there’s a huge array of things to see and do there. This variety can also be […]


Planning a holiday? Whether you’re planning to hit Southeast Asia or Europe, Central America or the Middle East, planning is sometimes the best part! However, it can be stressful trying to find the best flights, hotels, and transfers while choosing an itinerary that will be fun for everyone on the trip. Luckily, we’ve got some […]


It’s great getting some time away. Although a lot of people like to use this time to relax and unwind, other people like to create some adventure whilst away from the everyday pressures of jobs and life.  If you are looking for a break that has a little bit of adventure thrown in, we’ve listed […]


Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus, a company that aims to provide a large database library of molecular and clinical data. It also aims to work as an operating system in order to make these medical data accessible for doctors and researchers to use. This is a company that cares a lot about cancer […]


The world loves to drink coffee, and in the present, this lovable drink has many varieties. Bernardo Chua, a Filipino businessman, decided to innovate the drink that everyone loves and infused it with a lot of herbs, vitamins, and minerals to make it a healthy drink. He is the founder of Organo Gold, a company […]


You might not believe it, but anxiety can be good for you. Here are three important reasons why we benefit from anxiety. Anxiety helps us beef up our senses and decision-making skills Anxiety is a natural response by the human body to stimuli that cause stress. For example, our bodies are geared to make us […]


Ryan Emmons is the co-founder of Waikea Hawaiian volcanic Water. The company started in 2012, and it has grown by 4,000 percent within the past three years. The company has gone from selling 2,304 bottles of water per year to 122,304 cases of water per year. The water comes from the Mauna Loa volcano. The […]