If you plan on travelling to Japan you’ll appreciate a few money-saving tips. Making your way around the country can be expensive, but there are a few things you can do to save a bit of cash. So why not try a Japan tour, eat out every day, and have the vacation of a lifetime? […]


There are few countries better suited for a road trip than gorgeous Ireland. If you’re considering taking a road trip in Ireland, check out Chill Insurance to make sure you’re covered, and then be sure to do one of these drives: The Burren Beauty This drive is 68 km long, and you’ll end up at […]


If you’re hoping to get off the beaten path and see more in Europe, a road trip is the way to do it. Before driving anywhere, be sure to get a car service so you can be sure your car is safe and roadworthy. It’s also a good idea to read up on the local […]


While it may be getting chilly in Australia and New Zealand, it’s summer in many parts of the world. If you’re hoping to escape the cold and enjoy some warmth, don’t forget to check out some of the Webjet cheap holiday packages. And whatever you do, grab some cheap travel insurance with Webjet as well- […]

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Travel broadens the mind and provides a wealth of new experiences and memories to look back on. However, a long trip is also something to look forward to, and part of that looking forward is planning and preparing. Obviously, every trip is different, and how you plan depends on a number of factors. The climate […]


Forget all you know about packing for a holiday — because packing equipment for travel photography is a completely different experience. In the infographic below, provided by Clifton Cameras, retailers of Olympus cameras we’ll teach you the ins and outs of packing photography equipment for your trip around the world. Still haven’t decided where you’re […]


Are you considering going on a tour this year? It may be the perfect holiday solution for you for a few reasons, firstly if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the sheer number of steps involved with planning a trip, then a tour can take away some of the stress and drama. A tour may […]


The dream of many people is to move abroad for work, and whether that is by doing something new or getting promoted to another office overseas, the idea of an entirely new way of life can be very appealing. Discovering new cultures, food, and ways of life is an exciting prospect, but a lot of […]


Have you been to Cornwall? Believe it or not, but Cornwall is an amazing holiday destination for the whole family, and is packed with fun activities- whether you want to get off the beaten path or just spend some time at the beach. Blue Chip Holidays has put together a list of some of the […]


In our high distraction world, it’s becoming more and more challenging to keep young children interested in learning in traditional classroom situations. As such, many parents and teachers are looking to the concept of unschooling, which is a completely different way of teaching children. Unschooling tends to be more ‘student-focused’ as in the student will […]