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It seems like a dream right? Making money online from anywhere, so you can travel the world for as long as you like? Well it’s definitely possible to make that dream come true, so if this sounds like the life you want to have, with a little hard work you can make it happen. Here […]


I lived briefly in Australia a few years ago and worked as a travel agent. Living in the sunburned country and selling travel taught me that there is so much to see and do in Australia, and it’s well worth a trip. One of my favourite trips was to the Great Barrier Reef. We flew […]


One day, when I grow up and find a forever home, I want to buy a motorbike. This may seem crazy, but I think this craving for two wheels instead of two may actually be in my genes. My dad had me on the back of his Harley when I was 3 years old. We’re […]


Have you ever stopped and wondered what does it mean to be a traveler in 2017? And I mean comparing it to what it was 100 years ago, or 200 years ago. Few people do. That is mainly because we live in this day and age when almost all destinations are accessible, and getting from […]


Train travel is probably my favourite type of travel of all and for so many reasons. Usually the train station is located right in the middle of town, way cheaper and easier to get to than an airport. There’s usually no pesky security lines, you can just jump right on the train. You’re able to […]


If you’re a football fan in the UK, you’re part of a community of people who go out of their way to watch and attend as many games as they can. So we have some of the best UK football experiences for any sports fan: Visit Wembley Stadium This is the place where fans from […]


Road trips are always very exciting; you, the open road, and your friends or companion have the whole weekend in front of you with nothing to lose. What many people going on a road trip seem to forget, is that how you travel on your day-to-day commute is different to a 400-mile round trip. When […]


While, naturally, you want to be confident that your holiday will go enjoyably and hitch-free, it’s worth considering how you should react if an emergency arises while you’re far away from home. Should a crisis hit and you decide that making a call to family or friends who are back home would be the best […]


If you’re planning to travel in 2017, you’d probably like to save some money so you can travel for longer, do more fun activities, or stay in nicer accommodation. Here are some top tips from My Voucher Codes to help you save money this summer:  Choose your dates wisely It just makes sense- travelling when […]


The chances are that, when you think of European cities, it is Paris, Madrid and Berlin that spring to mind. Indeed, these are three of the world’s most desirable tourist destinations thanks to their rich culture, stunning architecture and delicious cuisine. When it comes to booking your next holiday, you would be forgiven for sticking […]